Modules, methods, classes and attributes are explained here.

PVMismatch Package

This is the PVMismatch Package. It contains pvmismatch_lib and pvmismatch_tk.


This package contains the basic library modules, methods, classes and attributes to model PV system mismatch.


The main library classes and modules are exposed through this package for convenience.

For example:

>>> from pvmismatch import PVcell  # imports the PVcell class
>>> # import pvconstants, pvcell, pvmodule, pvstring and pvsystem
>>> from pvmismatch import *


This package contains an application that can be run using pvmismatch.pv_tk.

PVMismatch Library

This is the PVMismatch Library. Configuration constants and classes like PVconstants, PVcell, PVmodule, PVstring and PVsystem, objects are all defined here.